FC Series  Filling device/Feeding Device 

Cup Fillers


  • Micro computer
  • Agricultural foods
  • Livestock

The photograph shows FC-110.(The photograph shows the machine of optional spec.)

Main Features

  • Since a cup filling system is adopted freely, it is ideally suited for high adhesive products.
  • This series can be connected with various checkers at the front-end process of a weighing machine and packaging system.
  • A series of processes from product filling after weighing to empty cup collecting is performed by a proprietary method which stabilizes filling operations, reduces installation space and enables faster production via equipment automation.
  • The cup feeding conveyer can be adjusted flexibly in length, shape and direction for various production lines.
  • Since product dropping of 2 times (double dump) is possible, one unit is ready for a wide rage of various bags from small bags to bags for 1kg product.
  • Since each filler is designed in simple and washable structure, it is excellent to maintainability and durability, and is sanitary. (The filling hopper part can also be removed easily and can be washed with water.) Moreover, the cup washing device can be installed as an option, thus washing the inside and outside of a cup simply by using a recess, etc.

Main Specifications

Capacity(Shot/min.) 40(Max.)