FF Series  Filling-Sealing Machine 

Automatic Filling-Sealing Machine


  • Micro computer
  • Touch panel
  • Gas filling
  • Sea foods
  • Agricultural foods
  • Livestock
  • Sweets
  • Powder

The photograph shows FF-220NⅡ. (The photograph shows the machine of optional spec.)

Main Features

  • High speed operation becomes more possible compared with the conventional filling-sealing machine (On our comparison).
  • Since the operation part is equipped with the touch panel system, the packaging conditions of 100 items can be preset. Various monitoring features are available, i.e., indication of trouble locations (self-diagnostic.), cause and remedial action displays.
  • Gripper width can be adjusted by one switch. This means impressive savings in time and in manpower during bag replacement.
  • The bag recycle mechanism reduces the loss of empty bags as standard equipment.
  • If a heater element is burned out, an alarm occurs, and the machine stops.
  • The machine can be connected with the auto weighing machine and the feeding device.
  • The central lubrication system is equipped (some parts of components are lubricated from the outside of machine.)
  • An inverter system can adjust a running speed with a dial.
  • Timing can be adjusted by an electronic cam.
  • The reverse rotation type FF-220NⅡ-L can be arranged to fit the line in the place of installation.

Main Specifications

能力(袋/分) 15〜50

*Capacity varies with product nature.