FF Series  Filling-Sealing Machine 

Automatic Filling-Sealing Machine with clip binder


  • Micro computer
  • Sea foods
  • Agricultural foods
  • Sweets

The photograph shows FF-220NII-PC.(The photograph shows the machine of optional spec.)

Main Features

  • Any metals after packaging the products can be detected.
  • Since metallic materials are not used for clip, it is sanitary and optimum for packaging of foods.
  • Since clips look like conventional metal clips, they do not create a sense of incongruity with products.
  • Since the clips offer good heat resistance, they can be used with a wide range of products from those that require freezing to those that require sterilization by boiling.
  • Either of the following items can be selected for cutting an opening in the top of the bag from the clip position, as usage. 1. Cutting (tightly finished) 2. Non-cutting (bag mouth left in fan shape)
  • The machine can be used in various packaging fields other than for food.

Main Specifications

Capacity (Bag/min.) with clip:15-35
Without clip:15-40
Usable bags
/Width x Length (mm)

(*Restriction may occur by film, etc.)
*Capacity varies with product nature.