FFD Series  Filling-Sealing Machine 

Bag Making Packaging Machine for Large Bag


  • マイコン搭載
  • タッチパネル式
  • 菓子
  • 粉

The photograph shows FFD-380A.


  • The machine features polyethylene packaging including laminate materials suitably, thereby resulting in continuous production.
  • The product can be exchanged easily in a short time (1-2 minutes). Small batches of a variety of products are optimum.
  • A film, printing and machine adjustment parts can be changed automatically by presetting each item.
  • Shaft-less bobbin/Meandering correction device for packaging materials/Exchange of top-feeding and bottom-feeding of material/Remaining quantity ejector/Easy operation by interactive touch panel
  • The evolved impulse sealing system features packaging of materials from simple polyethylene to laminate. Deaeration, gas packaging and bar code systems can be installed as an option.


Capacity (Bag/min.) 10-25(5kg of package)
Usable bags /Width x Length (mm) 190-380×280-600(Roll tube)

*Capacity varies with product nature.