FHF Series  Filling-Sealing Machine 

Horizontal Type Filling-sealing Machine


  • Micro computer
  • Touch panel
  • Horizontal inserting
  • Sea foods
  • Agricultural foods
  • Livestock
  • Sweets

The photograph shows FHF-220.(The photograph shows the machine of an optional spec.) (The horizontal type inserting conveyor is optional.)

Main Features

  • Products can be inserted by setting products horizontally in proper alignment.
  • The product which is hard to be inserted vertically can be pushed by surrounding it with the tray.
  • Since the operation part is equipped with the touch panel system, the packaging conditions of 10 items can be preset. Machine speed, switches, timer, etc. can be set and changed on a virtually flicker-free color display by only easy operation which calls up them to each item.
  • In addition, various monitoring features are available, i.e., indication of trouble locations (self-diagnostic.), cause and remedial action displays, preset counters and maintenance interval notifications using a built-in counter and hour meter, etc.
  • The bag recycle mechanism reduces the loss of empty bags as standard equipment.
  • The filling-sealing part (gripper width) can be adjusted by one switch. This means impressive savings in time and in manpower during bag replacement. Set-up change before product change Tray change of filling machine Parts replacement on filling part (Exchange time is about 5 minutes.)

Main Specifications

Capacity (Bag/min.) 10〜25
Usable bags /Width x Length (mm) 140〜220×200〜300

*Capacity varies with product nature.