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Squeeze roller conveyer


  • 水産
  • 農産
  • 畜産

FRR-500(upper/lower conveyer)


  • Water drops adhered to a bag surface after thermal sterilization and cooling process can be absorbed and removed.
  • Bags are only arranged on the conveyer. The bags are transferred to rollers’ section, and discharged after water absorption. (Upper spec. and upper/lower spec.)
  • High efficiency sponge rollers are used. They offer excellent water absorption, dehydration and water retention. Unnecessary moisture is quickly absorbed and kept by sponge rollers firmly. They help to rationalize drying processes.
  • Three kinds of squeeze roller conveyers of upper/lower conveyers on the supplying and discharging parts, upper conveyer on only supplying part and lower conveyer on only discharging part can be offered.


Conveyer speed (m/min.) Two-speed gear: 50Hz=5.5、9.7
Two-speed gear: 60Hz=5.6、9.9