Filling device/Feeding Device  FSM Series 

High Viscosity Liquid Filling Device



  • Since the double cylinders reciprocate alternately, the device makes full use of the capabilities of filling and feeding when the product including high viscosity is packaged.
  • The filling cylinder pulls out the product horizontally with great precision.
  • The diversion valve is made of resin and SUS316, and it is sanitary.
  • Sanitary nature is high, and overhaul and cleaning can be done easily.
  • This series is structured so as to support high temperature products too. (Cooling water required)
  • The sequential control is allowed to operate the device certainly.
  • A product amount can be adjusted with one touch of a button on the digital display.
  • This device can be connected easily with various packaging machines.


Capacity (Shot/min.) 20-30
Filling amount(ml) 105-300
Temp. of filling product 5-50°C

*Capacity varies with filling product nature, temperature and viscosity.