Tray Vacuum Gas Packaging Machine


  • マイコン搭載
  • ガス充填可
  • 農産
  • 畜産


  • This is the vacuum gas packaging machine for tray products.
  • Since the vacuum chamber is flushed with inert gas after vacuumizing, the amount of residual oxygen in trays is kept lower than conventional gas flushing systems.
  • Since plastics and cartons can be used for both trays and lids, the machine supports various packaging materials.
  • Besides manual feeding, processing can be optimized for work via fully-automated operations from tray and lid supply, to product filling, vacuumizing, gas flushing and sealing, and trimming.
  • Dies can be changed with one touch of a button when changing production, thus doing away with the trouble of tedious adjustments.


Capacity (Cycle/min.) Only seal process:14(Max.)/
In gas replacing:8(Max.)
Usable tray
/Width x Length (mm)
At the time of 4-line spec.

*Capacity varies with product nature, gas filling amount and vacuum pump size.