Bag-filling-sealing Machine  FV Series 

Automatic Filling-sealing Machine


  • 水産
  • 農産
  • 畜産

The photograph shows FV-8.


  • The machine is capable of packaging long, medium and small flat bags (four-side sealed) widely.
  • It is smoothly operated by using an inverter.
  • A major part is made of stainless steel.
  • The bag clamp mechanism is improved, and compact machine is designed.
  • The stand conveyor for connection with a post-process comes equipped as standard.
  • The bag feeding vacuum pump is built in the machine.
  • A compressor is unnecessary since air is not used in standard specifications. (There is a case that the compressor may be required for a machine with optional device.)
  • Both two types of small bag spec. (bag width 100mm-180mm) and medium bag spec. (bag width 130mm-220mm) can be offered.


Capacity (Bag/min.) 10-30
Usable bags /Width x Length (mm) Small bag spec.:100-180×200-500
Medium bag spec.:130-220×200-500

*Capacity varies with product nature.