FVB Series  Vacuum packaging machine 

Belt Type Vacuum Gas Packaging Machine


  • Gas filling
  • Sea foods
  • Agricultural foods
  • Livestock
  • Sweets
  • Industrial products

The photograph shows FVB-U4-430ⅡG, and casters are optional parts.

Main Features

  • Machine angle can be adjusted. (Max.25°)
  • This is the vacuum gas packaging machine to perform the vacuum packaging and gas filling for products without liquid.
  • The seal bar is a water cooling type, and the impulse seal system is adopted.
  • Since inactive gas is filled directly into bags from a nozzle after exhausting the vacuum chamber, the amount of residual oxygen is kept low compared to conventional gas flushing systems.

Main Specifications

Capacity (Cycle/min.) 1.5-2
Seal bottom (mm) 300
Seal length (mm) 890

*Capacity varies with product nature, gas filling amount and vacuum pump size.