FVF Series  Vacuum packaging machine 

Vertical Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


  • 農産
  • 工業製品


  • Bag grippers can be adjusted to bag width 170-275mm with a handle.
  • After opening a bag mouth, guide plates prevent the bag mouth from closing.
  • Hopper, liquid filling and pusher sections can be selected freely.
  • Liquid filling devices (option) to 100 – 2000cc can be offered.
  • Products can be shaped inside of a vacuum chamber (option).
  • The loss of an empty bag can be reduced by adopting a bag recycle function (option).
  • Stainless steel is used for principal part covers, etc., thus improving cleaning and detergent properties.


Capacity (Bag/min.) 6-10
Usable bags/Width x Length (mm) 170-275×200-380

*Capacity varies with product nature and vacuum pump size.