FVM Series  Vacuum packaging machine 

Vacuum Packaging Machine for Large Products


  • Deep type Vacuum chamber
  • Livestock

The photograph shows FVM-4WⅡL.

Main Features

  • The machine is equipped with a excess bag mouth cutting device.
  • A 3mm half round sealing wire is adopted.
  • The stainless net is provided inside of the vacuum chamber.
  • The machine can be operated manually and automatically.
  • R-type or L-type can be selected from the line in plant.
  • FVM-4WⅡ is equipped with seal bars on both sides.

Main Specifications

Capacity (Cycle/min.) 1〜2
Seal bottom (mm) 1,000(between seals)
Seal length (mm) 670×2pieces

*Capacity varies with product nature and vacuum pump size.