FVSⅡ-G Series  Vacuum packaging machine 

Automatic Vacuum Gas Packaging Machine


  • ガス充填可
  • 深型
  • 水産
  • 農産
  • 畜産
  • 菓子
  • 工業製品

The photograph shows FVSⅡ-400ⅡG


  • The platen and frame are made of stainless steel, and the vacuum chamber is made of a special aluminum casting.
  • Since a machine angle can be changed, it is also suitable for packaging of liquid products. (0°, 10°, 20°)
  • The independent control box is mounted on the upper side of the platen.
  • The vacuum pump is built in the machine.
  • The sealing wire is provided on the platen side.
  • The impulse seal system is adopted.


Capacity (Cycle/min.) 1-1.5
Seal bottom (mm) 447
Seal length (mm) 890
Deep Type Vacuum Chamber Conformed to 150mm.

*Capacity varies with product nature, gas filling amount and vacuum pump size.