FVS-7 Series  Vacuum packaging machine 

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine


  • マイコン搭載
  • タッチパネル式
  • 水産
  • 農産
  • 畜産
  • 菓子
  • 工業製品


  • Since the platen and frame are made of stainless steel, and the vacuum chamber is made of aluminum cast alloy, corrosion resistance is improved in comparison with the conventional machine, and also, the machine lightening is realized.
  • The various data to 10 items can be set by adopting microcomputer control and a high-definition touch panel, thereby producing a variety of products easily.
  • Since a machine angle can be changed, it is also suitable for packaging of liquid products. (0°, 10°, 20°)
  • The control box is mounted on the upper part of the vacuum chamber so as to be integrated.
  • The vacuum pump is built in the machine.
  • The sealing wire is provided on the platen side.
  • The impulse seal system is adopted.


Capacity (Cycle/min.) 2-3
Seal bottom (mm) 340
Seal length (mm) 890

*Capacity varies with product nature and vacuum pump size.