HI Series  Vacuum packaging machine 



  • Sea foods
  • Livestock
  • Industrial products

The photograph shows HI-750

Main Features

  • Since tight packaging is performed by stretching a heat-softened film over products arranged on another film (tray or form plate), bag stuffing is not needed. Moreover, since the film tightly envelops the product, frost does not form on contents as happens with stretch packing, thus preventing drying.
  • Since the upper film is contacted with the lower film (tray or form plate), dripping is unlikely and stretching is preventing.
  • Frozen food can be packaged in the frozen state.
  • Since the film gently contacts the product, soft products seldom deform. Thus, the product can be packed as is.

Main Specifications

HI-750Ⅱ (Deep Type Vacuum Chamber Spec.)
Capacity (Cycle/min.) 1.5-2.5
Lower film size (mm) 700×490

*Capacity varies with product nature.