Filling device/Feeding Device  TCII Series 

Cup filling conveyors (low-floor type)


  • Agricultural foods
  • Livestock

The photograph shows TCⅡ-22.

Main Features

  • This series is available for a wide range of products from small bags to institutional use large bags.
  • Dropping of two times is also possible by switching a switch. (Timing adjustment is required.)
  • Since cups are maintained horizontally even if they are passed through an inclination portion, and products do not fall.
  • The major part of the machine is made of stainless steel and resin.
  • Although a standard cup is a extra large type, medium, large and super extra large cups can be mounted as an option.
  • Various types such as TCⅡ-20L/24L for a low-floor type, which can be easily connected with the weighing machine, and TCⅡ-54 for which the number of usable cups is increased with the horizontal part lengthened for setting cups, and so on can be offered according to customer needs.

Main Specifications

Capacity (Shot/min.) 45(Max.)*

*Capacity varies with product nature.
*By single dump with medium and large cups. (Max. 35-shot/min. with extra large and super extra large cups)