TM Series  Vacuum packaging machine 



  • Micro computer
  • Deep type Vacuum chamber
  • Agricultural foods
  • Sweets
  • Industrial products

Main Features

  • Compact design model a vacuum pump is built in.
  • It is suitable for packaging of small quantity production and particularly used in schools, laboratories and etc.
  • It is available to use AC100V power.
  • Microcomputer control is enabling to set maximum 9 items as a product data.
  • Digital display can indicates one set of packaging process from starting of vacuum to the end of packaging finish.
  • Through the transparent acrylic board adopted for the top lid, while checking by your eyes it can be set a suitable vacuum condition.

Main Specifications

Capacity (shot/min.) 1-2
Seal to bottom length (mm) 346
Seal length (mm) 440

*Machine performance may be influenced by a product itself to be packaged or by gas filling volume.