Filling device/Feeding Device  V Series 

Volumetrically Filling Device


  • Micro computer
  • Agricultural foods
  • Powder
  • Industrial products

Main Features

  • This is the volume filling machine for comparatively dried grains such as soybean, azuki (red) bean and rice.
  • Since the structure is simple, product amount adjustment, product changeover and cleaning, etc. can be performed in a short time.
  • Since the major part is made of stainless steel, it is washed with water and is sanitary.
  • Since this device is a separate type single drive system, it can be coupled to various filling-sealing packaging machines.
  • The product supply conveyer is coupled to the pool hopper, thus resulting in a fully-automated weighing-filling.

Main Specifications

Capacity (Shot/min.) 15-50
Filling amount (ml)* Inner diameter of cylinderφ20:10-12
Inner diameter of cylinderφ30:25-35
Inner diameter of cylinderφ35:35-55
Inner diameter of cylinderφ48:70-115
Inner diameter of cylinderφ60:165-220
Inner diameter of cylinderφ72:245-325

*Filling amount can be customized.