FVB Series  Vacuum packaging machine 

Belt type vacuum packaging machine (Softened product unloading machine)


  • Micro computer
  • Touch panel
  • Sea foods
  • Agricultural foods
  • Livestock
  • Sweets
  • Industrial products

The photograph shows FVB-UX-400, and casters are optional parts.

Main Features

  • The control box is set on the upper part. Microcomputer control and a high-definition panel are adopted, and data (each time of vacuum, seal and seal cooling) can be set for a maximum 10 items, in support of flexible production.
  • The seal bar with water-cooling type is adopted, and the impulse seal system is also adopted.
  • The sealing wire can be replaced by turning the vacuum chamber reversely.
  • The antibacterial belt is used.
  • The products are smoothly ejected with minimal drop by adopting a movable discharge chute since vacuum-packaged products are easily deformed or broken and pinholes can readily open in bags.

Main Specifications

Capacity (Cycle/min.) 2-4
Seal bottom (mm) 345
Seal length (mm) 1,090

*Capacity varies with product nature and vacuum pump size.